Only Exception.

by Not Bulletproof   Mar 9, 2011

Sunshine, butterflies;
not as nice as my love's eyes,
him, the one who shines.

Sorrow glides past my soul,
as he has filled that empty hole.
Brightness flows through me,
and I feel the love with its entirety.

Joined by fate one day,
and never to go away.
Between us, no lines.

I feel so much stronger;
this world, I could conquer.
Having him right by my side,
means I never have to hide.

I could kiss the sky,
he gives me wings to fly high;
he won't let me fall.

He is beauty re-embodied
a masterpiece, to me.
I can not let him go,
for then I'd become hollow.

Splendor and kindness,
love and warmth, he does possess,
greater then them all.

Sarah Gammon ©

So, the paragraphs with three lines are haiku's. Each haiku, the first two lines rhyme, and the third lines rhyme with the following haiku. Yay intelligence.
Thank you for reading.


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