Leave Me Alone

by Beauty Within These Pages of Darkness   May 4, 2011

Right now...at this point in my life
I've got no patience for hatred or envy.
If you want to get to know me
With those kind of feelings inside yourselves
Forget it...leave me alone

I know you'll waiting for me to fall any day
If that is what you'll waiting for
Well I never needed you anyway
Can't understand why people love hearing about the negativity
Yet they hate it when a person's life has got positivity
Come on hear me say...that's not the way we got to be
So don't be throwing that evil crap my way
Cos I won't be in the mood for that dumb play
I will be gone before my mind blown...making my way home
So I can write my rhymes feeling composed with these ink lines
Just leave me alone

I don't believe in love no more
My heart can' repair itself anymore
That's not to say I ain't got love on the friends and family side
I just have got no time for the love and relationships side
I'm feeling like zero even though I'm thinking about my heroes
My shining stars in the skies...and really I never wanted to say goodbye
So as each of their anniversaries comes and goes
I have to let a number of tears flow
Starts with the rise of the sun in the morning
And with the moon setting in the late evening draws to a close
If anyone still got that negativity going about me
I got one thing to say to you

Just leave me be
Stay far from me
I want to be on my own see
Just leave me be
Far away from me
Leave me alone

I feel used all the time
Beat down and bruised all the time
It seems all I can trust is myself and my mind
Helping people and giving them advice
When it comes to me though most of them think twice
Saying "oh look out he's complaining again
What a surprise he's depressed again"
You see even I suffer from all the negative energy
That is outside as well as within me
And even if no one wants to help me
I'll still be trying to think positively

If you still want to judge me, my life
The way I feel sometimes when I write
Well that's your problem
So stick to your life guidelines
And I'll stick to mine
Invest in your time wisely as I do with mine
Oh and before I go...as I'm sure you already know

Just leave me be
Stay far from me
I want to be on my own see
Just leave me be
Far away from me
Leave me alone

By Basey © 2011


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