The New Fairytale

by Cale   May 14, 2011

All the relationships that didn't last.
All the pain I've been through
Are just stories in my past.
That took me this road to you.

I will always remember the day we met.
It started out like every other day.
Now my life has changed forever.
Nobody else has ever made me feel this way.

The lights were dimmed and I had your hand.
It was a fairytale asking a girl like you to dance.
But you were the girl of my dreams
And I couldn't miss my chance

Those blue eyes took me by storm.
Your smile hits me like a hurricane.
Your voice is music to my ears.
Hearing you say I love you drives me insane.

I thought that I knew what love was.
An over used word to good to be true.
But now it's an amazing experience.
Part of this fairytale I share with you.

I would do anything to have you in my arms.
To hold you and never let go of you.
I would kiss your forehead laying on my chest.
And i could show you that these feelings are true.

Everything is finally perfect.
I'm glad that it never has to end.
Everyday I fall for you even more.
And i cant wait until the day you become my girlfriend.

I know that our feelings are going to grow.
And soon we will finally together.
We will have the happily ever after
And we will have something that will last forever.


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