by justl0veme   Aug 14, 2011

I remember those warm summer nights
All the texts, phone calls, kisses, bullshitt & fights.
Yet all of thise memories have made me fall in love with you
But now that this relationship is over, what am I supposed to do ?
Forget everything, move on to somthing new ?
Sadly, in reality thats something I just might have to do.
Bad part is feels like im the only one who cares
I refuse to let my pride be broken by tears.
Now Im stuck sitting here on a peaceful, rainy night
And im missing the texts, phone calls, kisses, bullshitt & fights.
I'd rather pretend I dont care, because its better this way
Just know even though you're one cold hearted creature
I'll always love you even to this day.
Dont take my my kindness for granted
Because I can be just as cold as a you.
I've suddenly had a change of heart you broke my heart & now im need of some stitch.
Farewell to the memories, farewell to the love, farewell to lies, farewell to the cries, farewell to the person I knew, farewell to the days we thought would last forever, farewell to what you stripped me of.
I promise, I wont let this happen again ... never.

I promise


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