by The Invisible Boy   Dec 12, 2011

Every little thing that you do
Every little thing that you say
Forever locked up and the key thrown away

Walls, I need to break down
Walls, built over years
Falls, I've suffered so many
Falls, the result always tears

Memories, I try not to remember
Years, it took to heal
Christmas, they ruined my December
Fear, now feelings concealed and I can't reveal

I must break these walls down and be the real me
I must pull these walls away and reveal the mirror
And then you will see
These walls are my killer

Memories, I want to make
Years, I want to celebrate
Christmas, this year won't be a mistake
Falls, you picked me back up.

I look at my reflection, rubble on the ground
I see the correction, and can hear a soothing sound
Your voice calling to me
You, you're all I can see
Us, that's how I want it to be.


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