Gothic Reflection

by Zulay Martinez   Jan 9, 2012

A mirror that sends, a touch with grace
Same movement not the same face
Equal sorrow maybe more pain
More loneliness more darkness
Dont keep me as a closed book
Knowing my secrets will someday
Let me go, the chains in this mirror cant
Hold me for much longer
No longer a slave these chains I will break
Mirror that I touch with grace
I yell I scream but I cant pull myself free
Shall I forever dwell upon thy mirrors portal?
Shall I for ever be subdue and not be pardon for thy
Sins by which vines me to this deep sorrow
And sucks me to my doom, no angel with no halo
Yet with wings that consume me with a despair
Fear as powerful as the will that sends me from heaven
And hell, fear is the only the real flaw for the
Only thing to fear is that feeling of being trapped forever


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  • 6 years ago

    by ash

    Love the poem. very well written, shoet but good.