Come and Gone

by -] Nobody [-   Feb 1, 2012

It could have been candlelight dinners beneath the stars
But you had other plans without me, wherever you are
And so I sat by the creek and I watched the sun set on my own
Only to see the stars shine, and remind me that you're gone

I took it hard sometimes and wondered what I didn't do right
But it never dawned on me once that I was just experiencing life
It never dawned on me that it was the start of many things to come
That I would inevitably lose my mind before my time here was done

Day after day passed and I found myself with tears running dry
But the tears that stopped falling weren't there to symbolize my rise
They were there to destroy me and make me forget us all together
To let me live on miserably but write you with the few words I can gather

You'll rarely see me compose a poem anymore or speak on how I feel
Because the things I feel are dark, and parts of me will never heal
I don't want to write about hate or write about the person I've become
All I want to do is write about love, but it has simply come, and gone.


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