Muddy trenches relived

by cHeAtInG dEaTh Nd sTrIpPeD dOmNiQuE   Feb 15, 2012

Trampled under the dead bodies
Awoken by the lightening
The rain pours down hard
The mud fills in the scars
It's a bloody affair
Nothing alive or breathes
A sight of a battle fought
So many martyrs no one to cheer
Pushing forward spitting raw flesh
Stepping on broken dreams of a soldier
The boots have holes and clothes are torn
The leeches are stuck and so are the thorns
Walking in these trenches again
A pile of mud more slippery than before
I fall again and again backwards
Hands are cut as the wires don't hold
Again the angel smiles at me
Waves a hand for me to feel
Again I stare in disbelief
My eyes still search for a final glimpse
But there is nothing but darkness to see
The body lays limbless behind in dust
Dawn is coming at the end of dusk
I look back once in one last hope
Nothing is left as my heart bleeds


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