Comments : Orchids

  • 6 years ago

    by PinkyPrincess

    Wow!! I'm speechless!!! This poem is phenomenal!! I loveeee it... the title caught my eye because I love orchids, and I know the meaning behind them so it made me understand this poem more <3

    Your descriptions and metaphors blew me away - I love them! Orchids are a great way of expressing love... and the end of love as well..

    First stanza - amazing, I was so captivated and couldn't wait to read more...

    Second stanza -
    I love the idea of how this person will feel life inside them, and that they carry the sun inside them... it was a nice picture to envision

    third stanza - dark and a great twist!! I think that's important to mention, since all plants die, and how it could happen to love and people...

    The ending was just perfect...

    "and I'll only have
    the memory of that time
    when I witnessed
    the rebirth of your soul

    when I saw,
    the purest parts of you. "

    >> I love it... I love how you will always have memories of the purest parts of a person, it was so sweet.

    I love the meaning behind this poem... probably because I can relate to it a lot.. I like to see the 'good' in people, and this poem reminded me of that... of how we should remember the purest parts of people, but in reality, they could have some parts that we will not like... it just made me think of imperfections and how it's better to just remember the good parts.

    Just one suggestion:

    "you'll eyes will go brown"

    >> I think you meant "your" here?

    That's all! This poem is beautiful and will be added to my favorites!

  • 6 years ago

    by Yakari Gabriel

    Yes I did mean your! omg... tenks :*