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big hair, big heart, big dreams.
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  • what if it happens like this:
    you are in a grocery store one day...

  • But I saw you,
    and something inside me feasted...

  • I will love you, yes
    up until the universe is supportive...

  • The hardest part of my woke journey was having to...
    But liberation only came when I met other...

  • Anytime we make a plan,
    time sits laughing in a corner...

Latest Quotes By Yakari Gabriel

  • Everynight they are millions of people
    who want to die, but don't take their own l ives for the sake of not breaking
    somebody elses heart.

    ...and from all the wounds you get from living, this is the most painful one

    8 years ago
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  • I know my skin has gotten yellow, and I also fall asleep too quickly, but you don't understand that I need to starve the sad out of me

    10 years ago
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  • I never knew much about kindness except that the people who deserved it the most, got it the least.

    11 years ago
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