Perfect Together

by Kitty Kurse   Mar 30, 2012

When I close my eyes at night,
I see you in my dreams and even then I'm filled with so much delight.
You make me smile and when I look in your eyes I see the real you.

I see your soft side,
That you usually try to hide,
And I see the passion in your eyes,
The look that tells me you love me but touches me with a sudden fire.

You set my heart ablaze,
And you make everything around you go into a haze,
You make me feel like I'm on top of an empire.

You're always in my mind,
And in my dreams that's where you'll be tonight.
Even though we will be apart,
I can forget about our last depart.
I'll hold your hands and tell you sweet things.
I'll reach for the top knowing you will be with me.

And when I wake up the next morning,
I see the happiness you have brought into my life and all the glory.
I thank you for that,
I really do.
And in time I know you will see that too.

Through all of my days I thought I had found love,
But you have taken my hand and took me even higher than above.
You've touched my heart in a million different ways,
And we've been there for each other through our different mistakes.

And through those hard times we have pushed each other forward,
We have grown closer than ever,
We are perfect together,


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  • 6 years ago

    by Lofallenve

    I adore this poem. Because I can relate to it and because of the beauty of your words. Love is such a strong emotion and it really shined through in this poem. Great write. :) 5/5

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