Bounded By Tears

by Jessica   Apr 19, 2012

I'm trying to get closer, at a slow and steady pace, instead all i get is you pushing me farther away, maybe we should be friend cuz i can't take the pain,your the only one to seem to make the tears come down my face, I make u breakfast and u disappear..u pull and tug away from me when all i want for you is to be near, u are pushing me away babe, how could u let this be... u say u love me u say u care action speak louder then words and i feel like yours isn't im screaming mine from the roof top all i hear from u is a whisper..I wanted to start a new yr with a kiss and a toast....why should i let my feelings get to me, i'm starting to feel numb like a ghost..the vibes make me cry, the sad song i hear in my head wont die, its telling me to stay and see what happens but why bother with all the pain if u wont let us happen, instead u let me die inside...


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