Comments : Chapter Thirteen

  • 6 years ago

    by Blissful

    Wow this was great! I've missed your words so much! I could really feel the emotion seeping through and it was amazing. I really wish this was longer! Can't wait for you to post more :)

  • 6 years ago

    by Lu

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay Nee Nee, I am so glad you posted a poem, I've missed both you and your writing so much.

    And while you'll be flying up above with freedom
    I'll be sinking in below with answers I wish I never knew.
    What an amazing, creative ending !!!

    Oh how I've missed your writing, nice to see ya back on the site again :)

  • 6 years ago

    by One Man Clan

    You are a sea of talent. A sea of talent indeed

    can you elaborate on the content of this poem? please
    I would love a better understanding
    who are you preaching?

    It seems to me that you're talking to god in the two last santanza's

    never the less, this is beyond beautiful and you sure are on my favorite list
    keep the poems coming!

    • 6 years ago

      by Nema

      Rabea :) thank you!
      I'm not really "preaching" anyone, I usually don't write my poems about specific people. this is just imaginary person.
      To explain the content, books inspired me to write about something related. Chapter thirteen, in a fifty-chapter novel is usually one of these chapters that still do not carry any clarifications on the characters of the novel. So it's just another vague chapter that you still need to read.
      The person in the poem is a vague character that I did not seem to understand so I compared him to a novel chapter :) and when I finally got to know him (usually the ending of the novel) I wish I never knew the truth because it was brutal (a sad ending)

      Better now? :)