Can you try?

by Hawaiian Chick   Jun 6, 2012

Do you see my face in a stranger's?
Do my hear my name in a crowd?
Do you wonder how I'm doing?
Do you wonder it out loud?

Do you still think of all my stories?
Do you remember me in songs?
Do you hear my laugh at a party?
Do you wonder where we wrong?


If you saw me on the street,
Would you run into my arms?
If I showed up on your doorstep,
Would you even be alarmed?

If I told you I still loved you,
Would you get down on one knee?
If you found out I was missing,
Would you search across the sea?


Can you forgive a lying heart?
Can you stomach the regret?
Can you remember all the laughter?
Can you please try to forget?

Can you smile at the memory?
Can you forget all that we lack?
Can you look me in the eyes?
Can you try to love me back?


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