Huddle and Cuddle

by joseph santacruz   Jun 29, 2012

This morning something dawned on me
Im not going down in history.
I will never be a macho bullfighter
or an exterminator cuz' Im scared of spiders.
Iam a bit to slow to be a race car driver
I think I would sink as a deep sea diver.
Its lunacy to imagine being elected president
or selected as the moons next resident.
Its revealed I wont be a male stripper
and you can bet I wont be a high rollin" hundred dollar tipper.
I will never be a keeper of bees
beecause honey Im allergic to these.
I wont be taming lions with sharp teeth bared
im not lion I would be to scared.
Im not built to be a body builder
and I would drop the ball as a center fielder.
My game is not cloak and dagger
spy on me and see I lack the swagger.
I will never be a fighter of fires
but its to soon for me to retire.
I do know something we can do
I'll be me and you be you.
One plus one its simple math
two together down lifes path.
If we should run into stormy weather
we could huddle and cuddle under my umbrella together.


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  • 6 years ago

    by David Todd

    Very nice... I like simplicity and heart felt expression... You show the absurd of expectation and bring it to its knees... Great job!!!!