Happy and Carefree (in the country)

by joseph santacruz   Jul 3, 2012

Gargantuan trees with elephantine trunks
wandering curly vines with the perfume of a skunk.
Short squat bushes like bowlegged midgets
a mysterious plant branches covered in widgets.
Purple twin peaks of which theres lack
like big breasted giantess asleep on their backs.
Miles and miles of plains saturated
with grazing gangs of cows and horses they seem saturated.
Rolling hills sea of lush green
more beauty than emeralds majarajas have seen.
Then I spy ferns with the leaves of a wisp
as I savor my breath the air clean and crisp.
There! on that rock its some sort of lizard
as a butterfly floats by in a cloak like a wizard.
Up up above a plain ugly bird soars by
he glances at me smugly because he knows I cant fly.
Yellow blue and black a rainbow of delicate flowers
in sturdiness they lack their beauties their power.
All of the time Im warmed by the sun
it makes me feel good like some contest I won.
Off in the distance I hear water rush by
dancing on a branch croons a lonely magpie.
As an acrobatic dragonfly does loops in front of me
he's just having fun happy and carefree.


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