She's In Love

by David Todd   Jul 4, 2012

As she lie in the softness of her own calm soul.
Her beauty is magnified by her femininity.
Her smile brilliant as the brightest stars
who's light shimmers upon her adoring her face.
Shes in love.
Loved by a man who admires her
And will bring to her the flowers
for her to build her life's bouquet.
And the water to keep them from wither.


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  • 5 years ago

    by Terry Hume

    I like the sentimentality in this poem. It is obvious anyone reading this can see it in the words you use. I am fond of the line "to build her life's bouquet". Seems like her life will be filled with flowers. There are a few errors in grammar as in "lie" should be "lies". The word "own" is unecessary. I would also delete "by her feminity", that adds nothing to the poem and weighs it down. Also I would write it as "her smile like stars". This is just a suggestion mind you but the poem is more powerful this way:

    As she lies in the softness
    her beauty is magnified,
    her smile like stars.
    her face adoring.

    I bring her flowers
    and build her a life of bouquets.

    I water them so they don't wither.

    I just think it more powerful that way. I really enjoyed the poem. Keep writing and how lucky you both are to have each other.

  • 6 years ago

    by losing myself

    I love the emotion in this, really good poem(: