To my ex boyfriend

by Madeleine   Aug 12, 2012

I'm sort of stressed,
I'm doing my best,
Not to to wither and cry
The boy i loved
Just shoved me away,
and now my heart feels dry
The trail of broken hearts behind me,
The others yet to come,
But i can't go back to him,
that would make me dumb
I'm not your little punching bag,
Or your filthy torn up rag,
Used to wipe your floors all day,
And now i really start to pray,
That one day while you sit at home,
Your heart is stone and your all alone, that you'll realize what you've done to me, and all the others in between.
And all those girls who's hearts you've crushed,
and off your shoulders their tears you've brushed,
i hope you someday realize you've been played,
and that you lost your own game.
Even though i lost you,
and you don't seem to care,
i'm starting to let you go,
and still remember us as a pair
So i shouldn't be so sad,
Cause i'm not all that bad!
I wish i smiled more before,
Cause that's what life's worth living for!
i can't change the past,
But i sure am glad at last!
To be single and drama free
And be able to find who's meant for me
It may not be now,
but certainly not never,
And as my first love, i'll still remember you forever

-Madeleine </3


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  • 6 years ago

    by Renssey Heart Vine

    Hello madeleine!
    i appreciate your poem.
    i know how it feels to be broken,
    so i rate it as excellent.
    for it touches my felling
    of how carma rush on me
    and break my heart.
    and that carma was my first and previous
    and one great love. it's a very long dramatic story, that reflects in your poems..
    but beside from those heart aches, i still be loving him, and that love pushes me to make the poem in titled "you are my forever"..

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