by Ole Carsten   Aug 23, 2012

Kisses and hugs..

My mind is wired
Dream after dream
My spine is chill
Just awaken after a night

Memories of a cyber night
Far away yet in bed
My hands are freezing
My heart is filled

Your kiss was my guide
It took me to heaven
Sadly it sends me back
Longing for one dream more

Enchanted footprint in sand
The shore was illuminate
The great Nordic curtain of light
Mirrored in your eyes

Now I drink a cup of Coffey
Trying to hold fragments
It is not easy to capture
Stuff from cyber space

I now know touches are real
Your sparkling eyes was there
I had a happy face on there
Now a bit sorrow is building up

Longing for another dream soon
I wish for your warmth
I long for your hugs
Missing a lot from Cyberspace.

Missing you


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