Poems About Cyber Love

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  • Sinking

    by Lyn Aribaca

    Freedom is what I thought,
    To reclaim all that I've lost...

  • Fur Awe

    by Rab

    Fur awe the ways, an awe the days
    We laughed sae braw an fine...

  • Patient

    by Jalal Parazaran

    You taught me to be patient;
    Even if I lost the whole world...

  • My last will and testament 1

    by Alaskan Husky

    No5ing follows any money I’ve taken goes to the...

  • Idiote

    by Alaskan Husky

    America’s sanctity has been risen upon the...

  • Fly me to the sun

    by Mark Hopwood

    Like the bird flying high in the sunrise
    I just want to fly to you...

  • Happy birthday to Joanne,
    A girl who always fills my heart with joy...

  • Us and Them

    by JUTT2.0

    For richer or poorer we even the score
    with an us and them mentality...

  • Totally It's YOU 1

    by Jammi Avila

    Totally it's YOU!
    It's you I found in my darkest days...

  • longing for your loving embrace
    i sit empty handed...

  • Rapids

    by Ricky Story

    Why me
    Me now...

  • No longer.

    by Alaskan Husky

    No more troubles. That season is over. Thankfully...