Poems About Cyber Love

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  • Drunk In Love 1

    by MysteryMan

    I use to turn the bottle upright to be free
    Drowning myself in a glass to escape...

  • Rich Text Format 1

    by Dreamsurfer

    When someone sends you a PDF of love,
    You may not be able to read it...

  • Teach Me To Let Go (3) 1

    by MysteryMan

    Teach me how to let you go
    For you’re a master at that...

  • Equation

    by BOB GALLO

    _What is the mathematical measurement of love
    between the point A and B...

  • For you.

    by Bobby M.Peter

    Vision of calvary has seen before my eyes;
    And my heart fills with love...

  • Ends in the fire

    by Bobby M.Peter

    Every devil which sticks in some lifes will be out...
    It struggles with other lives to stand in the way...

  • You 1

    by Tasha

    You are in my thoughts; dirty and dry,
    Girl you so fly, you make me want to cry...

  • These Wounds 2

    by MysteryMan

    These wounds seem to never heal
    The day you left they’re just as open...

  • Sleepless Nights (1) 1

    by MysteryMan

    When the dawns’ light fleetingly fades
    Im forced to sleep through the pain...

  • Afflictions 1

    by MysteryMan

    I can put a bandage on an open sore
    Give it time and watch it heal...

  • Eyelids

    by BOB GALLO

    All the night

  • The moon rises in the night sky
    Above the dark mountains...