Poems About Cyber Love

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  • You are with Me 1

    by Ramon The SunStone Haupt

    you are my eyes to see in front of me,
    you are my hands to hold you tenderly...

  • The Woods

    by Rob

    She saunters alone in these darkened woods...

  • In the dark of night
    the moon is my lantern...

  • Roses are white

    by ace ace

    Roses are white and rare to find comments are...

  • The Key is Love

    by Melanie Gutierrez

    What it is now and what It was supposed to have...

  • Whatever happens; (6) 7

    by yogi73

    There is no right or wrong decision.
    There are no idiots nor brilliance...

  • I and You (1)

    by Domenico Sottile

    I And You
    Many years ago...

  • Dark Web (1) 3

    by cantchangeme

    A black screen fades to light
    And draws the text to the eye...

  • Your Lord My Lady 1

    by Aearion

    An Older Poem I wrote in 2006! Trying to bring on...
    I am your lord...

  • Rachel

    by Vynn

    A fine beautiful lady
    Singing her favorite songs...

  • Missing You

    by Dill

    A heart is halved in tears of joy,
    And eyes then break upon your breast...

  • Caffeine union 1

    by Nathan

    She came over for coffee
    At the old wooden inn...