Untitled (2012)

by Mark   Sep 6, 2012

I sit and wait, all night long;
Waiting a reply, listening to songs.

How I got here, I do not know;
But I won't question it, as my feelings grow.

I fall too fast, it is clear;
Of course inside me, lives this fear.

To be scared, shows it's true;
These feelings I have, they are for you.

I will fight, for what is real;
Feel my heart, it's how I feel.

Open your heart, just let me in,
I'll give that tingle, upon your skin.

If I could only show, just what I'd do,
All these things, they'd be for you.

I'll send those shivers, down your spine;
In hope one day, I'll call you mine.


Haven't written in ages, came up with this tonight in about 5 minutes. Hope you enjoy.


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