by Dr sarat sonowal   Oct 16, 2012

Sullen and fallen
The leaves danced and swayed
It opened the screen of the theatre
With blue backdrop
And crimson sunset
Amazed the audience with its ecstatic image
And in solitary was a man
So serene to say.....

The night went
He said, "Surrounded"
Fireflies and sound surrounded
Inspiring to go through a dreamy phase
the moon than shouted
the stars than swayed
Felt it like an astronomical game

An astronomical game! he said
didn't know how to play
Opened his book of change
made a ship and sailed far away
and than surrounded
by the echoes of the bell
the little damsel and her magical way
waiting for him on the fountain steps

"The dream than ended
On an moonstruck evening
Resonating a placid lake"


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Latest Comments

  • 5 years ago

    by retha

    Dreamlike peaceful at ease, this poem resonate a placid lake on moonstruck evenings
    like a promise foretold. Do you wish to go with than or then ? Is what i wish to know.

    • 5 years ago

      by Dr sarat sonowal

      As you would like to know,"I would like to flow through that evening, flow through the the dream into a solemn night"