Head First

by melanie altenbaugh   Jan 10, 2013

Everything isnt enough,
I couldnt love you even if i wanted to.

I can't walk this journey with my eyes always closed
I need more out of life than what this 9-6 shift brings
Give me excitement; A little drama would do.

I've looked for connections in places I've promised not to but I can't say that I'm sorry.

I wanna get naked and dance in the rain
Take off this attire that so rudely covers who i am
Well, finding out who I am would be a damn good start.

I wanna lay in a field that's covered in dead leaves
It holds more life than your smile on a good day
You cant see that the sky isnt there just to be ignored
Baby, find me a dreamer! One that will stay here for a while and soak in all the blues.

Explore some places that will lead us to confession
50 Hell Mary's and my mom's disappointed expression

yeahhhh, nevermind.
I may die tomorrow so I'm going to try to live for today

The dial tone is flirting but the operator says that the quater in my pocket wont buy me enough time to fall in love.
I'm done trying whats been tried. I feel like everything right now.


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