Begin again

by Sarah   Jan 22, 2013

Beginning with a glance,
Progressing to a kiss,
Safety is hug,
Happiness and bliss.

Trials came and gone,
Money possessions and days,
Still we carried on,
But love was hard to gauge.

Drugs and alcohol enter,
End our scene of love,
Addiction pain and longing,
No more faith above.

Separate ways we wandered,
More lost than directions we went,
'Til all energy squandered,
Hope for each other spent.

Days and nights pass slowly,
'Til weeks then months end,
Then one day the phone was answered,
Can this really begin again?

Almost a year in waiting,
Tragedies and troubles abound,
Seems that things have worsened,
Time to turn this around.

Hand in hand we push forward,
Through trials and court dates alike,
God carried us this far to fail us,
Now lets try to get this love right.


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