He Isn't Mine Anymore...

by LeeSeeLa   Feb 2, 2013

What Goes Up, Must Come Down.
This is Just a Reflection of Your Erection.
But you were Only in True Perfection When You Were Goin Down.
See i Know You Had Bullets in Your Mental Gun.
Had Me Feeling So Foolish, Like I Was Still the Only One.
Making love, and a reenactment of it, is totally different.
Thinking With your Pants Rather Than Your Shirt, Will leave you Mentally Distant.
Guess Thats Why We Could Never See eye to eye on "True Love" cause Your Eyes Always Missed It.
My Mind, Body, & Soul feel raped of the Truth.
They say Love Is Through The Eyes of the Heart, this Explains why my Mind was Denied of the Proof.
But My Mind Is Stuck on Neutral on This Situation.
Some Part of me Believed There was a Future in Your Empty Explanations.
But it all was a misconception, and our choices with lack of contraceptives lead our lives in new directions.
I Don't Know if it's the Deceit That Leaves my Mind in Turmoil.
Or that My Heart's been beat, and your seeds Growing in Someone Elses Soil.


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