I Wish

by ntv650   Feb 4, 2013

I wish I could knit scarves of silver and gold silk.
I would drape them around your neck
To frame your face and accentuate your hair.
I would plait your tumbling carnelians
Into perfect french braids.

If hands fail or memory forgets,
I would let go and watch the cascade
Pour over your shoulders like a waterfall
Of liquid bronze, a bronze that never fades.
I would weave you a flowered blue dress.
Making sure it arrives on time -
By delivering it myself.

I would play the piano
And sing to you underneath a window,
Not caring that it's a London suburb
Or that I'm a cliche.

I would write melodies for your alarm clock,
And lullabies for your insomniac.
I would perform parodies to make you smile
And love songs behind your back.
I would write impromptu ballads
For you to memorise and hear in the background
Next time you sit on the bus or on the underground.
Songs to help you dwell in your emotions
Or songs to uplift and dispel them.

If I could play the piano
You would ask for songs
And I would write them.

I wish I could craft jewels, perhaps earrings
That look like those silver discs I love to watch spin
Beneath your pixie ears.

I would dive into the wildest shores to find
The perfect shells; conches and spirals,
Disguising the sweat, swearing and patience
That went into making that bracelet.
Or design a pendant necklace that's worth more
Than its materials, one that promises something
Rather than nothing.

I would find metals, crystals and gems to contend
With the colours you possess:
Fire opal for the hair, copper dappled ivory for skin
And platinum fingernails. Yet nothing for the eyes,
For I would be unable to find a stone that combines
Colours of emerald, ruby and sapphire.

And I wish I had the physical strength
To wrap you up in my arms, to make you feel safe.
I wonder if I would really hit someone,
That publically insulted you to my face,
Even if you did not take offense.
Perhaps I could be the idiot you have to educate;
To see the funny side instead. If I had the strength,
If I could run forever without rest,
Then I would catch as many butterflies
As you've had bad days. Perhaps you would notice
If I win a race, perhaps all you need are arms
That make you feel safe.

I wish I was caring and selfless,
That my flaws did not exist.
I wish I could make you laugh
Each and every day you exist.
That I could find the words
To chase away the devils in your head,
Then fill it right back up with dreams,
Angels and promises I've already kept.
Might you find me vaguely attractive
Or interesting enough then?
To give your memories to me,
And let me remember them?


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