by misa   Feb 22, 2013

What happened to our love what is going on
why did u have to talk to her,just seeing it makes me hurt
shes from ur past ,and im the present
all i have is resentment
we have a kid together, is she so much better
than having me ,or are the needs too much
all i can think about is our life being married and being a family
do u not feel, or was this never real
do u have no sorrow, or was this life to be barrowed
then when ur done ,you'll just take off and run
i have been naive , i have never wanted to see
i've pulled the wool out of my eyes, now i am letting myself cry
i've let this go on for so long,now i'll need to be strong
im going to let myself live my life ,let my heart take off in flight
soon i'll be FREE!!!!!


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