Comments : Proudly woman

  • 5 years ago

    by Meena Krish

    It's not easy been a woman yet at the same time we have to be proud for the abilities and tasks we accomplish! I liked this write.

    The measure of my existance
    None can imagine
    Am the shadow in every being
    The reason of life existance
    For it all starts with me

    ^^A nice introduction for a woman. Women are like a shadow and the very life begins with them too...the giver, the nurturer. Just one thing the word existance, a little typo existence.

    A creature with abilities, am
    With a heart that cares
    Sacrificial at every point
    Capable of protecting
    Selflessly i bear all battles
    Even when am no worrier

    ^^This stanza clearly shows the strength of a woman at very stage of her life. She may not be cut out for this job but she does it and excels in it for each stage is a battle. Liked this stanza. The last line did you mean 'warrior'?

    Yet, sad is my destiny
    Defined only as i live it
    Nothing is certain
    For my path lays in another's
    Wo-man am called
    A lover, wife and mother.

    ^^An interesting ending and I like how you have separated the word woman because that too shows there is a masculine force even within our label wo-man! This ending makes me feel the down part of it all. Even though we do and accomplish we are still under the thumb of a man! I can really feel the sighs of the writer here..a good read :)

    • 5 years ago

      by Yatubeera Resty

      Am happy u appreciate but more happier you appreciate woman hood.