Love's ChokeHold

by LeeSeeLa   Mar 11, 2013

They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer, so that's why i picked up.
Opening myself to the unknown of him carrying a tone, not knowing he fu**ed up.
Asking me if i'm alone, and if we could meet up.
Giving him an answer that just wasn't good enough, so i hang up.
With every call back, i stare at the invisible buttons that with only the brush of my fingers will make it answer.
An uncontrolled growth, resulting in the division of our hearts; Caught up in our created cancer.
I collide with my heart and my mind, i feel rushed, and the options disappear.
And so does the choice of which button i was really going to push.
Suddenly, i get hit with some test, or a second chance..
and start to think this contemplation all came from the slightest glance.
Thinking i was gonna play this off in "i'm over it" kinda way.
But then he starts saying what my heart is fighting my mind to say.
And i sit and listen, cause i feel nothing and everything at the same time.
cause i start getting flashbacks, with loss of hope on what i thought was mine.


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