Lady i love....

by sailor   Mar 19, 2013

Dolche in her wodrob, gucci in her bag, shades of armani, shs kinda slag, she botms up jack, frgt to bring the pad, drinkin marry n vodka witout any lag. Shs a grnd shaker, a blody beatmaker, evrybdy wnts her shs a hrt brkr. Shs so seductv heart throbing buty, personified rokstar cuite n naugty. Shs gt a ride say mcrd benz, n prety prety boys, she cals fans. Her day starts at nite, wears sexy sexy dreses smokin figur n hite, she smoke sm cigi say marlboro lite, wish to c her in a bldy cat fite. Tis is wat she is, tis is hw she lives, destnys her tutor, love her duklng lips, tight blue jeans covring her hips, fragnence lyk vodka, heels as sharp as nip.


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