O my gurl

by sailor   Mar 19, 2013

The last word i rmbr, was a no to my gurl. How cn i frgt her, those red cheeks n the curls. My cold heart lyk chicago n the love that i burnd. A heart break kid that rises led to the fal of luv. Loser wat she nw cls me, bt til nw i fal for her. O my gurl!
She looked like as an angel , with here wings as soft s fur... Her memories made me crazy, all day cried for here. Presence make me happy, her absence made me dull..... Smile worth million dollers, neckles worn of pearls.... O my gurl
The day u said u luv me, u flt it frm ur heart, my heart cries evry momnt, our souls do get apart, at nite i lok for shadws, n day tym for the dark, moon n stars tgthr, u n me apart....


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