If It Would Be

by rachael   Apr 9, 2013

DISCLAIMER*Ok guys so the plot thickens, there are two concepts running through this poem, one is about the afore mentioned idea of the 'If It Could Be' poem and the other is to do with God, so this poem is like a sequel to it, but a more God alligned version, I wrote it after God gave me a revelation of something. It will be somewhat complex so just ask if you have any questions.*

With the writer's pot of ink
For the flood of loving tears
Running unmeasured
Such a field of flowers
And to You I count all hope
That that love would be real
That it would be whole
That it would be breathing
That it would come into it's own sweet existence one day
But of it's demise I say
If I perish I perish
And what of a life without it
This be my living soul's end
Apart from such an entity I would not trace myself
Wherefore could I ever dare to find myself lost in the vacant expanse that is the shadow of Your love
Dearest Friend
How You both know me
And irrevocably hold the thoughts and possession of my heart
There is an isle for us
here lie the place of escape for our souls' deep wanderings
yet far be it from me to escape
You are my destiny
You are my reality
My Life
And with You I would fall
Deep in the heart of this wood
And forever bask in it's beauty
And warm embrace
If it would be


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