The Schizophrenic Psycho

by CYRIL   May 10, 2013

I aint that bad a guy

But he makes me one

He drags me to his World of Darkness

He looks like me..with an evil grin & a gun

Not even once does he set me free

I wanna listen to myself but I cant

Only his sinful words do I chant

He's my master..I am his slave

He's the one who kills

I just dig the grave

I cant run..n I cant hide

Its like..I'm Dr Jekyll & he's Mr Hyde

I really cant stand him

But I have no choice

He controls my freakin life

Silent is my voice

The truth is that I protect him

Gonna end up dying in guilt

But that's part of my job

The purpose for which I was built

And I don my role pretty well

The role of being his mask

And I become the accomplice

In his gore fest of a task

And he kills..Men, women & children.. he kills

Shot on the head is his style...Blood spills

I end being the poor audience

End up giving a pat on his back

Coz we're two sides of the same coin

The Man & the Maniac.....!!!!!!!


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