Boom Boom Boom...!!!!!!!

by CYRIL   May 13, 2013

Boom Boom Boom

Coz I smell Doom

Just waitin to enter

My pretty pretty world

I grab my shield

Sharpen my sword

I seem prepared really scared

I need to be brave

I tell myself

Coz I know there is no one

To call for help

I may not escape

This twist of fate

may not get a shot

To go through Heaven's Gate

One more chance

Is what I need

To heal someone's wound

Before I bleed

A chance to be Good

The first & the final time

Before my lovely poem

loses its rhyme

But I guess its all over

I start to scream

Just to realize

What a freakin dream

Still Alive n kickin

There is no doom

With that sense of relief

I get out my room

I grab my Ipod

A song starts playin

N Guess what...!!

It goes Boom Boom Boom....:-)


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