Oh, Mommy. You Know Your Appreciated

by Yours Truly xO   May 18, 2013

A mothers love is forever,
Its pleasent like the warm spring sun
Yet an items love is absurd
But so many hearts has it won

I've spent hours upon hours
Days upon days
Trying to find the perfect bouqet of flowers
Or the prettiest set of diamond rings

But what real value does money have
When the only thing it can buy is material things?
"Anything that can be potentially purchased
is essentially worthless....."
Its incapable of bringing what love brings

What would my mind tell your heart,
If it was absent of the only thing you deserve
If I couldn't provide you with more than price tags,
And more than money, more than words

I want to reach deep into your soul,
And let you know that I appreciate the bond we've sealed
All these years I've misplaced my love,
When you've been the one thing thats real

Over the years many tears have fallen,
And words have been tossed around and misused
Time periods where there was nobody calling
And your heart felt like it was being refused

But if tear-stained cheeks and blood shot eyes
Are the only things I can create
If the feelings I've caused are all heartaches
Than let me clean up my mistakes

Words cannot describe how much I've missed you,
The bond we've created is long overdue,
But instead of dwelling in the past,
Lets celebrate the present and prepare for the future

Heres to the best mom on this Earth
Her love is all I'm worth
Since when I was in ribbions and curls
To when I'm out here facing the world

I've always been and always will be her baby girl


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