Simple Complications

by Lu Tinson   May 23, 2013

And it's a shame that my dreams have been torn from my arms
When I couldn't love her with just my effortless charms
She was made of everything from the list of love
But I didn't feel what I needed to be enough
And now she walks with a broken heart
Her soul lost in the moment of when we fell apart
And now I walk with a black hole in my dreams
I'm thinking no one else could ever be what she was to me
All I want and need and dream in a person
She ticked every box and exceeded expectations
So easy to love her and make her smile
Everything seemed effortless and perfect for a while
These god damn complicated feelings of mine
They break my heart when I listen to my mind
Her soul could dance to the beat of my heart
She'd light up my fire with one little spark
Oh how those sparks would illuminate my world
How I miss the sunrise waking up with my girl
How I miss being adored unconditionally
It all came crashing down with complicated simplicity


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Latest Comments

  • 1 year ago

    by Em

    This was heartbreaking to read..

  • 5 years ago

    by Autumn Leaves

    Aw, this is so sad and cute, I like the tone of this poem and not too sad, but have just enough emotion to get the point across.

    Good write....AL

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