Thanksgiving Day

by Isabella Grace   May 29, 2013

It is Thanksgiving Day,
We three all together,
I know not the words to say,
This moment should be forever.

A mother, a son and a daughter too,
So many reasons for thanks,
Why the mother so sad,
The children have not a clue.

A family she called them,
Even if one of three,
Resistant to the word was him,
A son refusing to believe.

The years have past,
This mom has tried to prove,
My love will always last,
Their hearts she tried to soothe.

Of all the reasons,
To be thankful,
My two little angels,
For me,
Is the reason for the season.

So on this Thanksgiving Day,
This mom to her children,
So much to say,
My love forever,
I hope you chose to believe in!


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