You never know what you have until you lose it

by Winnie Mabindla   Jun 2, 2013

She waited for you in your own bed
When you left her for friends, she was sad
She stayed up waiting for you in your bed
When you stayed in the pub after work
Yet never bothered to call and check up on her
She tossed and turned, wondering if you're coming back
Yet when you eventually got into bed you gave her your back
She tossed &turned dying in hunger and felt so dry
When you were busy offering to buy another girl a hunters dry
You came home to her with a burger that was so cold
Yet you treated that girl with warmth, even gave her a
Choice to take hunters gold
You stayed in that pub 'til late
When she did your laundry, cleaned &cooked for you 'til late
She drowned her sorrows into tears
While you were busy sipping your weakness from a bottle of Windhoek
She prayed for your safety and you came back with no scars
Yet you gave her the deepest emotional scars
Just so you know, emotional scars cut deeper than physical scars
She was always there when your pocket got exposed
When all that is called friends had vanished
She is the one who brought you water in bed
When you were hangover, struggling to walk with headache &eyes turned red
She would still come back to you after treating her like trash
Because she saw a better man in you than you appeared to be
All you could think is that she's desperate for your love and money
For this same reason, you never believed it when she said she's leaving
Likewise you were convinced she'd return
Until it strike your heart that she's truly gone
Only when she cried in your arms, then your heart would be awaken
Your conscious would be shaken, your lips remained unopened and
And the apology remained unspoken and unsaid
Because the pride in you deceived you
Now the room of emptiness and loneliness receives you
As you started feeling the cold in your room, 'cause she left with her warmth
You started dialling her digits 'cause you felt a need to make that call
You began to realise that you dropped a diamond
That a true man wouldn't hesitate to pick up & guess what?
What you thought was trash now glitters diamonds &shining stars
You began your search yet you once had it right in your hands
You just never took time to know her, understand her, treasure her &
Most importantly, you never knew how to love her
Today somebody is taking time to know her, somebody treasures her &
Somebody is loving her like never before because she's worth it!!!


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