Momma's Boy

by LeeSeeLa   Jun 3, 2013

This is for the ones who claim they love they momma
The ones who think they Sh*t don't stink, and is the cause to all closet drama.
This is for you, the one walking around thinking woman should praise you.
This is for you, a product of how your momma raised you.
So ask yourself, do you really love and respect the woman who helped guide you?
It becomes questionable on a count of how many women you have lied to..
The ones you disrespected and betrayed..
treating women like lifeless objects.
And there you go, Putting your guidance to shame.
So they say how a man treats his momma is how he'll treat his women.
But in this day and age, half these "men" make that statement contradicting.
Now before you take and misconduct a woman just to send her back.
Remember where you came from and that your momma raised you better than then.
So through out this poem, if you were unable to find any insight..
Then this poem is about you, and the someone who wasn't raised right


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