by Winnie Mabindla   Jun 9, 2013


I disintegrate mics when I speak
I cause more casualties when I bless the mic
As I replace the dominant speeches
Even the presidents give me a stand
I bring tragedy in poetry like Osama & Gadhafi
The government took experts and scientists to design
Clear records as ways of observing me, because
They have never set an eye on such talent
I need no investigation I'm an invisible bomb ready to explode
I do surgery verbally because I'm a spirited soul
Devils are incompatible
I've been appointed and anointed by the man above
Who's been around since the planet was inhabitable
Who split into the ocean and created microscopic animals
I had alien women suck me off and God said, "Let there be light"
Therefore even if I walk in the deep of valleys I fear no evil
No matter what life throws at me, even unexpectedly,
I continue to make it through most definitely
I am more dangerous than you could ever perceive
I'm in the midst of insanity between extreme intelligence
And split personalities, but I elevate to the point of reversing gravity
I'm the Black holistic, but I won't take your shine away
Oh! I do shine and if you shine then we'll shine together
Don't miss it anytime a day I'm a technique
I drop knowledge so heavily and leave the world unbalanced
To exterminate the spiritual force of all the challenges
Lyrically, I'm infinite like possibilities and
There's no enemy with the capability like infertility, because
Opening to question my ability is like to contradict the theory of brutality
My enemies are obsessed with me like a woman in misery of breakup
Like fathers running away from responsibility
Every time I step I balance humidity like brutal incite
I'm the lyrical apocalypse that crumbles the planet
I shake life with more magnitude
I'm explicit like the video tapes in conical visits
Many find it hard to comprehend like astrophysics
Winnie.M is high class her technique is exquisite
I make my thoughts and dream a victory
If you think I'll become nothing but an artistic success
Then look at me from a different view &start reading my lips
I speak too much reality for the big headed and they start walking on earth
Not the so called concord state limousines
Let me speak then so you can get educated
Even if you're locally gold, vocally bold, but I'm globally multiplied,
Emotionally mold, disciplined and ready to teach
Like spirit in the same room with you, I give you chills


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