Comments : Wayfarer.

  • 5 years ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    I was just smiling at the start of this then 'til the end, it's so sweet and genuine! I love your "freckles of affection"- that was unique!

    Always love when Italy is mentioned in poems, and definitely the romance of Venice I can envision, especially those arched bridges where a couple can just be together, whether standing together or in the boat on the water.

    Last two lines were perfection and so sincere! This "I'll carry you with me wherever I go" really reminded me of e.e. cummings' poem "I Carry Your Heart With Me".

    Beautiful imagery with such heartfelt emotion. Happy for you! That one person you cherish, love and would sacrifice anything for...

  • 5 years ago

    by ThebutterfliesMuse

    I truly is the simple things that make love and life perfect. I love your words you are so simplistic but great. Its what they do that makes everything amazing and makes your heart flutter.

    I do love the rainbow metaphor. It can mean so very many things. The beautiful color in their eyes and in their heart. You will do anything for them no matter what. The kiss can be the best thing every and really can tie into eternal bliss.

    The love will carry on forever. The vocabulary is excellent in the right spots. The message is so strong here. I love your poems. 5/5