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the days are bright now (almost too bright).
the sun is a decision i can't swallow.
they say to be happy, be joyous,

be (you)

(but how?)


trans people belong, everywhere.

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  • Existing. (2) 1

    Too much effort
    to drink...

  • I let the flowers die,
    not even batting an eyelash...

  • I wish I could let myself feel it.
    The reality that you care...

  • Can we talk about how you made the unsaid, said?
    You, who is so eager, wanting the best for me...

  • Death. 1

    The first thing that happens is you
    romanticize it, or maybe that part...

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  • And you, like so many before you, simply want to exist. To not have your identity questioned, to not have your lived experiences dismissed.

    3 months ago
    2 0
  • Ink is my testimony; I pour it out and watch it bubble then boil until it burns my fingertips.

    2 years ago
    12 0
  • "Ready for warfare?", my mind antagonizes.

    "I wasn't created for battlefields", my heart insists.

    6 years ago
    20 0

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