I Belong To You

by Faith   Jun 10, 2013

In the end
When it comes down to the simplicity of you and I
The smallest of things are the ones I come back to the most.
Like the way the shimmering lights of your eyes look so deeply into mine
As they grab for the delicate strings to my heart
To make the most loveliest of sounds
Like it's singing a melody to yours
In hopes that it will be long remembered and never forgotten.
Or the way the smallest of touches from the end of your finger
Can send my entire body into a frenzy
Of butterflies fluttering in every possible direction and never stopping.
The electrical surge I get from feeling your warmth alone
Is enough to bring me into my own sense of Heaven.
I sit and think about these small feelings
When your scent is still fresh on the shoulder of my clothing
Or when there's nothing left for my hand to hold onto.
Because I love every second of the smallest things you do
And even though they don't seem like much
I will remember them until my heart turns blue
From singing you the melody of it's own being
Giving one more thing that solely belongs to you.
Everything in me is now yours so it has come to seem.


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