Deep Meaning into Song

by Rissa Moe   Jul 17, 2013

Unrelenting trials by venting
At war still fighting holding on To you,
for us to grow up no fuss
Addicted all along

Learning to cope Your presence brought hope Your're guided, provided, and strong
You smiled a grin, and let me win
Lyrics found and honored into song

How are my predictions wrong?!
You prove them right!! SO LONG!

I mastered my plan Enforced it cause I can Clarity dreaming transformed by song
Memories held tight, Forever they might
Plead meaning into the wrong

Suffacating, hating feeling waves of remorse. Depression, regression, deep dissapointment felt forced.

Importance focused vivid detail
Now masked by honest lies
Misunderstandings still standing
Demanding they pry
Compromising and findings
You question if you're sane
But returning, jealous, ego Too easily proclaims,

"I'm faded and hated, I'm falling it's free..
Now frequently steadily breathe in Let me be!!"

A mental invasion brings me to my knees. Enlightened I mention The Powers That Be.

"Our love for us gone under"

Recoiled then snapped in thunder
distrust followed through with heaving,
for your words they were misleading.

Achieving. Believing. Relieving trust mends...

Efforts, small gestures- with feelings we bend

Unconditional love is sent


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