To My Dad

by Rissa Moe   Jul 17, 2013

Little girls are blessed by God to have there fathers near.
To teach in them, they time they spend the lessons we dont hear.
Adoration, presentation, dad is in his prime.
Second chances sidewards glances, "daughter youre doing fine." Love unconditional felt with strong principle.
He gives us all his spare time.
Works damn near daily to provide food and gravy..
He loves us and trusts us with no just becauses.
Even allowed me sips of his wine.
His strength is like trenches, with no time for benches.
Its solid has been for awhile.
His logic and reason gives light when we're heaving.
Makes all of his time worth while.
Half of me is him in that I find wisdom,
I hear applause and great thanks from up high.
Because of this daddy, I thank God immensely,
for putting you here on my side.


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