Dealing With Our End

by Rissa Moe   Jul 20, 2013

Hope forever in a wish, busted lip behind a kiss, touching tongues and hand on hip.

Hiding feelings honest meanings pointed out a lie. In words mislead, were heard and said- manipulation played to gain.

Absorbing. leaked. pain, watching me they care then suffer. Scarred by what I've seen, having nightmeres instead of dreams. Yes true selves are who we've seen.

Withered while spoken, our Love became broken. One sided stories different now spewed.

Cancerous feelings of remorse and regret, all of these feelings are repressed to forget. I'm sick and unstable- regression of growth. Repressing things we fight for most.

Stumbling along claiming it's wrong, continuing to fight. ..Trying to hide deep feelings inside- words sputtered. with. such spite. Rehearsed and than planned we understand, accepting not misguided hands.

Why reasons our treason's. This crazy is wrong! Halfhearted praises, decisions too long. Expression of thought, everything that we've heard. Listened and learned onto reaction of word.

Opinions clash, we both snap-the bruising ego strikes a blast. facts warped and slightly pulled, perceiving what was told.

Feelings harden, love is split, engulfed by guilt, both inadequate. finding truth, regrets, and better yet sorrows ringing hollow.

A thought a doubt occur rd and felt, burdening love considered dealt. Tired of screaming, giving up we lean, further from closer- to give up what we have seen.

Regrets have been achieved, still furious no one grieves falling apart tattered sleeve.... Giving up our dream.

Can't love our love hate no more.


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