Under The Moonlight.

by Moises Delgado   Aug 22, 2013

To love you is to dance by moonlight,
To have my heart skip a beat,
To feel as though anything is possible.
To dance playfully through the streets

Wishing for some one to ask why i did what i did so then i could tell him well it is simply because of this,

Take a seat my good sir you see let me try to explain why i behave the way i do it is because i

Met a girl who just happend to turn out to be the love of my life i proposed and she agreed to become

My wife which is why i find myself now dancing through the moonlight more happily than can be as you can see i shout her name at the top of my lungs

And i leap and go for another run kicking pebbles as i go singing songs as i roam jump in the air as though I'm a bird and have flown You see sir this is why i

Dance and sing ,but wait i have completely forgoten about the wedding ring this is not good can the ring possibly made of wood no no no that's no good could

It be made of steel and possibly painted gold? no no no she will no it is not real You have to help me good

Sir i love this woman to death and i shall not rest until this ring is met. Oh i know i bet i can buy one.

How much did you say it cost's Well! i love her,but
would she love the ring more than giving up our home?.

There i saw it shining in the moonlight under the river, it could be seen, but would could it be nothing more than a wedding ring!

As i jumped into the river to retrieve i quickly got out .
And ran through the streets dancing until i caught her face in my sight waiting for me arms open the under the Moonlight.


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Latest Comments

  • 4 years ago

    by Blue Jasmine

    This poem is nicely written. It clearly describes what love is like and what love is really all about. As I read it myself, it made me think just how precious love can be...truly a STRONG emotion. The ring is just the symbol of a sacred love. A beautifully written poem indeed. Well done!!

  • 4 years ago

    by Autumn Leaves

    I like how you started this poem off by describing what love is like and the feelings that it incites in you. The questions you asked regarding the wedding rings can only make me think, how insignificant the value of it is when two people truly love one another. The ring is only a material thing that makes your vows known to the public, but the love is what makes it everlasting.

    Nice poem...AL