by kavitha jesson   Sep 14, 2013

The evergreen presence in my life,
Neither did the time nor the ages ,
Tell me you were not mine,
All the while you were around me,
Never seemed to miss your sweet presence ,
All the while we laughed together,
The pearls of laughter scattered now,
which i seem to search but alas i fail,
Although you were away from me,
The heart beats reminded me ,
You were in me always,
Did i realize that i was smiling for you?
Did i realize your valuable presence
Was the world for me,
I moved through life,
walked on the petals of a fragrant rose,
Never realizing i was missing something,
The cold winter wrapped me up,
Lonely and sad stood i,
My heart thus whispered,
you were someone dear,
In whom laid my happiness,
The leaves in my evergreen memories,
Has fallen down,
I sat on the pool of scattered memories,
Lost in thoughts of you,
Never realizing that,
It was you i loved all the while.


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