Mother, you are everything

by LittleMermaid   Sep 28, 2013

The first word I utter in pain
The first person I want in joy
It's you mother.
Though I never expressed.
Though I never said,
That I feel blessed.

The pain you endured,
to bring me in this world,
to rear me up preciously..
My dearest mother,
I know it's only you
Who can shower the noble love,
who can invest everything,
accept every plight,
believe in my dreams...
neither you complained,
nor ever regretted, for sacrifices made..

The warmest hug in sadness,
Comfortable lap to lie when I'm tired,
I still long for your affectionate hand,
To pat me on my heavy head,
relieve my anxiety with your soft voice,
And drive me to sleep as in childhood days..

As I'm already in debt,
With vast love,
It will be too much to ask for more
But Mother,
I sincerely apologize.
Can you please forgive me,
for the hurtful words,
for the upsetting manners,
for the carelessness ;and my anger?

Though I'm not used to saying,
I love you Mamma.. immensely,
And I assure you,
To turn your dream true,
To stand by your side, always.
Because you are my everything Mother,
And I promise you on this!


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Latest Comments

  • 4 years ago

    by Crystal

    Lovely Poem :-)

  • 4 years ago

    by Ingrid de Klerck


    If God had intended me to have a girl also, I would have wanted it to have been you. How sweet a child you are to your mama:)

    Love and hugs,