If I Gave You My Heart

by Moises Delgado   Nov 29, 2013

If i gave you my heart, would you keep it intact, our would you tear it apart , if i gave you my heart what would you do?. would you hold it together with a kiss and a i love you . So many things said so many things we have been through and I'm still standing here saying your my one and only and that will never change your more than just a name to remain. Your everything to me and more this i mean of course your love is lasting and strong for me which is why i find myself wondering why and how we came to be it doesn't really matter because were a train wreck, train disaster , all i can think of is your smile and laughter every day i find myself thinking of new ways to make you smile or laugh i try and try hard. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and well that's the plan .


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